The National Adult Day Services Association invites nominations recognizing excellence in the support and delivery of adult day services.  Awards recognize program staff, organizations, programs, media representatives, legislators and advocates who support adult day services.  Electronic nominations must be submitted by July 12, 2013.  Winners will be recognized at the National Conference on October 12, 2013, Louisville, KY.   For conference details visit

Award applications are available here and in the Members Only library at

Why give recognition?
  • Recognition for a job well done is a primary motivator for people.
  • Recognition shows employees that they are appreciated and that their contributions count.
  • Recognition increases employee self-esteem which improves morale and leads to a more positive workplace overall, increasing productivity and building commitment to the organization.
  • Recognition improves interaction between supervisors and staff and among staff when they recognize each other’s notable achievements.
  • Recognition nurtures pride and enthusiasm.
  • It’s the right thing to do! Everybody, all of us want and need to be recognized when they’ve worked hard and done an extra special job.

Download the application from the Members Only library at