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20 May 2013

Open an Adult Day Center

Posted May 20, 2013 in News

OPEN A CENTER  Starting an adult day center is not an easy task. Keeping one going after it has been launched is filled with challenges, too. But for those of us who know from our own experiences what day services mean for impaired adults and their family caregivers, the results are well worth the time, money and effort. Fortunately, many have gone before you and a number of excellent resources are available to you as you begin this endeavor.  Learn more

8 May 2013

National Adult Day Services Association Calls for Future Board Nominations

Posted May 8, 2013 in blog

The Nominations Committee of the National Adult Day Services Association (NADSA) is charged with identifying the best candidates to lead the association into the future, balancing skills, experience, geography, gender, ethnicity and other factors that would result in a strong and diverse board.  The membership will be responsible for approving the slate of Directors recommended by the committee, and the results will be announced at the Annual Business Meeting in Louisville, KY, on October 12, 2013.

All Directors of the NADSA Board must be NADSA members, and a majority must be providers of adult day services.  Elected Directors take office at the close of the Annual Meeting at which their election is announced. Board Directors serve for a term of three (3) years. Directors may serve on the Board for no more than six (6) consecutive years, provided that a Director serving as an Officer in any of the Chair-Elect, Chair or Past Chair offices may continue to serve on the Board to complete the full cycle of these successive offices.

NADSA Board members are expected to participate in quarterly teleconferences and attend two in-person meetings each year—one in conjunction with the fall conference (locations vary) and one in conjunction with the spring public policy conference in D.C.

With your help, we can fulfill our charge of assuring that your National Association’s leadership is comprised of those individuals who can help to achieve our mission of “advancing the national development, recognition and use of Adult Day Services.”

Your voice is very important in the nomination process.  Please consider submitting nominations.  If you have any questions, please contact Linda Alexander-Lieblang at



5 May 2013

National Conference to be Held October 10-12, 2013 in Louisville, KY

Posted May 5, 2013 in Events / Conference in Training

The 2013 National Adult Day Services Conference on October 10-12, 2013, in Louisville, Kentucky, will feature new presenters, topics, networking opportunities and an internationally recognized venue for the opening reception.  The Kentucky Association of Adult Day Centers (KAAD) invites conference sponsors, exhibitors and attendees to enjoy refreshments at the Muhammad Ali Center for an international welcome in the interactive, state-of-the-art museum and educational center dedicated to his legacy and cultural impact in the heart of his home town. The two-story center has various exhibits that showcase the six core values of Ali’s life: respect, confidence, conviction, dedication, spirituality and giving.  Plan to arrive in time to attend this unique welcome event on Thursday evening, October 10!

 Register in the NADSA Store online or print the registration form

Choose from five pre-conference intensives on Thursday, October 10:

  • Keys to Building Person-Centered Relationships (Parts 1 & 2), by Marilyn Hartle and LaDonna Jensen
  • Marketing Adult Day Services for Growth, by Dr. Denise Smith, Teresa Johnson and Brent Wheeler
  • Using Financial Ratios as Performance Indicators in Adult Day Services by Jeff Boland and Sue Matthiesen
  • Hot Topics in Employment Law: Social Media; the Intersection of HIPAA and the NLRB; and Everyday Challenges by Lisa English Hinkle, Jaron Blandford, Cynthia Effinger.

OR participate in an optional morning or afternoon site visit to two local adult day centers in Louisville.

Keynote presentations will feature NADSA’s Marketing Strategic Plan, tools and goals; preliminary findings from the 2013 National Study of Long Term Care Programs (NSLTCP); and the presentation of the 2013 National Adult Day Services Awards.


Breakout sessions you will not want to miss this year…

  • The Power of Connection, by Cathy Fyock
  • Aligning Adult Day Outcomes with Relevant Measures and Domains, by Dorothy Northrop, Michael Trisolini, Jerry Werner, Judy Holder
  • Senior Wellness: Beyond Diet and Exercise, by Kathleen Levac
  • Fall Prevention 101 with The Fall Prevention Lady, by Kelly Ward
  • Get and Keep the Best Employees: A Guide for Healthcare Leaders,  by Cathy Fyock
  • Bathing in the Adult Day Service Setting: Business Model Considerations, by David Anderson
  • Person-Centered Approaches to Challenging Behaviors, by Beth Meyer-Arnold and Lyn Geboy
  • Effects of Adult Day Services, Stressors and Cortisol on Daily Mood, by Amanda Leggett; Examining the Relationship Between Reported Caregiver Empathy and Dyadic Outcomes, by Christina Garrison-Diehn
  • Adventures in Culture Change: Person-Centered Approaches That Work, by Lisa Peters-Beumer and Julianna Patterson-Greer
  • A Therapeutic Approach to Art and Creativity, by Ellie Nocun
  • Government Relations 101, by Kelly Abell
  • Developing a Meaningful, Useful and Measurable Care Plan in Adult Day Services, by Amanda Graham Sillars
  • Culture and Diversity in Aging, by Dr. Denise Smith
  • Inclusive Eastern Exercises Day Habilitation Implementation Essentials, by Dr. Penelope J. Klein
  • Identifying Outcomes in a Sea of Diversity: A Menu Approach, by Dr. Holly Dabelko-Schoeny, Dr. Keith Anderson, Lisa Peters-Beumer, Rebecca Monteleone, Nicole Parente
  • “Need a Drink?” Addressing Hydration Needs of Elders, by Jennifer Krueger and Ellie Nocun
  • There is No “I” in the Healthcare Team, by Emily Tisdale and Vicki Maynard
  • Person-Centered Care Peer Workshop (Part 2 Follow-up from 2012 Conference) by Beth Meyer-Arnold and Lyn Geboy
  • Improve the Self-Care and Self-Efficacy of Your Family Caregivers, by Lynn Buckley and Robin Weis
  • All You’ve Got to Do is Act Naturally: Mindfulness & Memory Loss, by Cheryl Levinson and Katherine Johnson.

 Register in the NADSA Store online or print the registration form

Breakout sessions are scheduled to end at 4:00 PM on Saturday.  Book late flights so you do not miss important sessions.  Book your room at The Hyatt Regency Louisville for early bird rates $149.00/single occupancy and $169.00/double occupancy.  Book online or call 888-421-1442 and refer to NADSA 2013 Annual Conference.  Reservations must be made before September 19, 2013.


Access the sponsor/exhibitor/advertiser guide on the NADSA website.  Refer sponsors, exhibitors and advertisers who may be interested in participating in the 2013 National Conference!



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