The Adult Day Health Programs in California will not be closed on December 1st, 2011 as planned by the state. A settlement was reached in the lawsuit between the state of California and advocates for the program. Under the agreement, the state’s approximately 275 Adult Day Health Care centers will remain open in their current form through Feb. 29th. At that time, participants who are considered at risk of institutionalization will be transitioned into a new program, called the Community-Based Adult Services Program. This program will be under an existing 1115 waiver. Managed care programs will coordinate the benefit in those counties that have Managed care. For rural counties, the programs will directly contract with the state.That new program will be similar to the current Adult Day Health Care programs. There will be a change in the eligibility criteria for the program. State officials said they expect about half of the 35,000 adults currently in Adult Day Health Care to qualify for the new program even though there is no cap on the number of participants. The terms of the settlement still need to be finalized by the federal court handling the case.