During this election season is the perfect time for Adult Day Centers to reach out to incumbent candidates and challengers to educate them about the services centers provide and to whom they provide them. It is also an excellent time to educate center participants about the candidates who seek to represent them in the various political offices.

 If you operate as a non-profit, this can easily and effectively be done without putting at risk your  charitable organization tax exempt status, provided you follow a few simple guidelines!

Through our membership in the Leadership Council of Aging Organizations, we were able to meet with professional counsel to learn which guidelines to follow.

Click here for a summary of these guidelines that has been compiled by Boulder Advocacy, an affiliate of the Alliance for Justice, which is comprised of a team of expert lawyers whose goal is to facilitate the ability of charities to advocate within the political realm without risking their non-profit status.

 Additional information can be found here: http://bolderadvocacy.org/

Roy Afflerbach, NADSA Public Policy Advisor