Make a Difference for Adult Day Services in Your State

Shaping public opinion about your cause to influence laws is the gist of advocacy. Is it a primary benefit of joining your state association? It should be! Representation on public policy and legislative issues is a primary reason many professionals join trade associations.

If adult day centers are to compete and survive in the health care system today, we must claim our rightful role as political participants to impact legislation and funding in our favor. Playing an active role in the public policy process requires raising public awareness of the issues that affect your organization’s mission, building relationships with government workers and elected officials, and being persistent over the course of time until change happens.

The National Adult Day Services Association Advocacy Toolkit provides hand-on examples and specific tools for building better relationships to help strengthen the advocacy efforts of adult day services providers in your state. All of us should promote adult day services if we believe in its cause and the democratic form of government.