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27 March 2012

National Adult Day Services Association Members Prepare to Meet Members of Congress

Posted March 27, 2012 in Public Policy

Thirty-five members of the National Adult Day Services Association from 15 states will make 60 visits with members of the U.S. Congress today to increase the visibility and awareness of adult day services.  This is the first annual Capitol Hill visit event sponsored by the national organization.  Members gathered last night for dinner to network and learn about the many exciting opportunities in this growing service sector.

States represented among the attendees include the following:  Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and South Carolina.  Many thanks to Public Policy Co-Chair Peter Notarstefano who was a key leader in organizing the event and to the Alaska Adult Day Services Association and Wisconsin Adult Day Services Association for sponsoring scholarships for the event.


9 January 2012

Participate in National Adult Day Services Capitol Hill Visits Scheduled for March 27, 2012

Posted January 9, 2012 in Public Policy

Make a Difference to Advance Adult Day Services – Join us in Washington, D.C.  March 26-27, 2012


March 26th, 2012

6:00pm Join us on Monday evening for networking. We will be gathering to meet each other, share ideas and dine together. Dinner costs will be each person’s responsibility.

March 27th, 2012

8:30am to 12:00pm  Breakfast, Public Policy Education Session (location TBD)

                        Presenters: Congressional hill staff policy leaders

Noon to 5:00pm Congressional Hill visits-NADSA will provide assistance with scheduling meetings with Congressional staff/members of Congress.


$99 per person (includes Tuesday breakfast, briefing and training at Capitol, Metro pass, written resources, appointment scheduling arranged with your legislators)


Click here to learn more about hotels and transportation.

21 November 2011

Adult Day Centers to Remain Open in California

Posted November 21, 2011 in Public Policy

The Adult Day Health Programs in California will not be closed on December 1st, 2011 as planned by the state. A settlement was reached in the lawsuit between the state of California and advocates for the program. Under the agreement, the state’s approximately 275 Adult Day Health Care centers will remain open in their current form through Feb. 29th. At that time, participants who are considered at risk of institutionalization will be transitioned into a new program, called the Community-Based Adult Services Program. This program will be under an existing 1115 waiver. Managed care programs will coordinate the benefit in those counties that have Managed care. For rural counties, the programs will directly contract with the state.That new program will be similar to the current Adult Day Health Care programs. There will be a change in the eligibility criteria for the program. State officials said they expect about half of the 35,000 adults currently in Adult Day Health Care to qualify for the new program even though there is no cap on the number of participants. The terms of the settlement still need to be finalized by the federal court handling the case.

29 September 2011

Weigh In with the Congressional Super Committee

Posted September 29, 2011 in Public Policy

Call the local and DC offices of your Representatives/Senators to urge them to protect  critical programs low-income older adults depend upon, including Medicare, Medicaid and Older Americans Act services. To find contact information for your Members of Congress, visit their websites, which you can find at: and

Reach out to your legislators during the September recess (Sept. 26-30).   Invite them to your adult day center to SEE the range of services your  agency coordinates. It will be easier to ask your legislators to  sustain the capacity of Medicaid HCBS and OAA programs once they  understand how your agency operates and the value of the services you
provide to their constituents.


Ask others to do the same! Urge colleagues, advisory board members, volunteers and clients to make calls and send emails to your agency’s House and Senate congressional

4 September 2011

Newsweek Highlights California Adult Day Health Pain

Posted September 4, 2011 in Public Policy

The budget woes of California that are plaguing adult day services, or rather eliminating adult day health from MediCal as of December 1, 2011, are highlighted in the September 5, 2011, issue of Newsweek.  Without public funding, most of California’s 300-ish adult day health centers will likely close.  The federal matching funds for MediCal to the state will be lost.  About 35,000 people with disabilities and people who need supervised daily care will have to find alternative care.  The California Association for Adult Day Services (CAADS) is working tirelessly with family caregivers, participants, business owners, legislators and other advocates to keep the service from extinction in the state.  The industry intended to provide options for folks who prefer to stay out of nursing homes must not be forced into an uncertain future.  It is time for California’s leaders to stop reversing the progress of adult day services which are building and supporting communities.



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