Whereas, nearly 6,000 Adult Day Centers in the United States provide year-round professional and compassionate services for adults, and

Whereas, Adult Day Centers enable adults with physical and/or mental challenges to receive compassionate, practical care in a community setting, and

Whereas, Adult Day Centers provide a coordinated program of individual and group activities designed to maximize challenged adults’ physical and mental abilities,

Whereas, Adult Day Centers offer participants an opportunity for enriching educational, therapeutic, and social experiences outside the home, and

Whereas, Adult Day Centers provide much-needed assistance and counseling for caregivers and involved others, and

Whereas, the third week of September was established by former President Ronald Regan as National Adult Day Services Week in 1983,

Now Therefore I, Alva Chip Cromartie, III, as Chair of the National Adult Day Services Association, do hereby proclaim September 14 – 20, 2014, National Adult Day Services Week, celebrating “The Power of Adult Day Services:  The Future of Care” and urge the citizens in every state to honor and celebrate this special event.