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Adult Day Center Award

This award recognizes outstanding and innovative adult day centers. The day center is recognized as a model on which others can learn from as “best practice.”

NADSA is pleased to present an Adult Day Center of the Year Award to two centers in 2013.

Alzheimer’s Family Day Center (AFDC)

Alzheimer's Family Day Center (AFDC)

Alzheimer’s Family Day Center (AFDC)

Alzheimer’s Family Day Center (AFDC) in Fairfax, Virginia works hard to maintain strong community partnerships, especially with Fairfax County, which boasts over 1.1 million residents. For nearly 30 years AFDC has provided holistic and collaborative care to the participants as well as the caregivers in their families. The county relies on AFDC to provide specialized care through all stages of the disease. AFDC is the only day center in the area that is specialized in caring for individuals with memory impairment and has the unique ability to care for those in advanced stages of the disease. The environment itself is a tool—keeping all areas well lit and free of obstacles, using colors, textures and patterns appropriately to soothe, stimulate, or even demarcate specific areas.

The staff shares a wealth of knowledge regarding care for those with memory impairment. They are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve services and provide optimum care for each participant. “I could see a positive difference in my husband within the first week,” said family caregiver Carmel Brosnan. “He was happy coming off the bus at the end of every day, his appetite improved and he started to maintain a healthier weight. It is a very stimulating day with social, physical, and cognitive activities in between very good meals. It is impossible to provide all of this at home.”

AFDC has a longstanding history of providing quality adult day services. In 1984, a certified hospice and palliative care nurse, Lin Noyes Simons, RN, PhD, founded AFDC. While leading a caregiver support group, Lin realized the lack of specialized care available for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. Highly innovative at that time, only about 2.5% of the 800 day centers in the U.S. specialized in dementia care. AFDC accepted anyone who needed care for a loved one, motivated by Lin’s passion, knowledge, and supportive friends and community. From 1988 to 1992, AFDC took part in the Dementia Care and Respite Services Program (DCRSP), one of 7 grantees from 13 states. In 2004 AFDC moved to a dedicated facility, providing a safe, secure and therapeutic environment for those affected by memory impairment. 100% of family caregivers who have used the service agree that AFDC provides a quality program each year since 2007.

Because of years of having to wait list potential participants due to facility size, Alzheimer’s Family Day Center is currently in the process of relocating to double their square footage and allow for art therapy, physical therapy, and a multi-sensory room. They are also adding new early stage programming, additional educational opportunities, and support group options. A modern, state of the art facility will provide AFDC the capacity to expand all of their services and serve more families in the community.

Adult Enrichment Center of Fort Mill, SC

Adult Enrichment Center of Fort Mill

Adult Enrichment Center of Fort Mill

Adult Enrichment Center of Fort Mill, SC has implemented several successful programs within the community to build awareness and collaborate with specific groups to bring mutual success for all involved.  Four flourishing programs include the following:

  • Training young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to teach daily living skills, civic responsibility and community volunteerism through the High Five Club. It was the first licensed private provider in the state to serve these individuals, and now partners with a local health and fitness club and a college for educational advancement;
  • Development of Move to Wellness, a nurse facilitated program that includes an in-depth assessment of a client’s total health and wellness condition and sets goals to improve those conditions. These goals are met through mental and spiritual fitness, such as art, music and meditation, and physical and nutritional fitness such as Tai Chi, education on portion control, and elimination of artificial sweeteners. This data is collected and shared with caregivers to reinforce good habits at home as well as with physicians for routine check-ups;
  • Dementia Training for the agency staff, caregivers and Fort Mill Police and Fire Departments to respond to calls involving individuals with dementia; and
  • Technology partnering seniors with young adults with disabilities to learn to use the Ipad. Classes teach basic email, Skype and games to bridge the generational gap. Smart TV’s were added to increase the use of technology and enable learning classes such as art when no instructor was available.

Adult Enrichment Centers in Fort Mill partners with Withrop University, Tri-County Literacy, The Northern Shaolin School of Kung Fu and Infinite Wellness.

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