Marketing Survey Results Are In!

Marketing balloonOver 145 NADSA members responded to the March 2014 NADSA Members’ Marketing Survey. Your time was well spent in completing the survey questions with a wealth of key comments. We are now in the process of reviewing the results. Stay tuned as the details and follow-up action plans will be shared with the full membership.

2014 NADSA Member Marketing Survey Highlights:

  1. Adult Day Centers business models:
    • 29%–stand alone
    • 29%–a part of a larger organization
    • 9.2%–a part of an adult day service organization with multiple sites
    • 1.36–franchisee
  2. Is a staff member assigned specifically to marketing adult day services?
    • Full-time–10%
    • Part-time (less than 30 hours)–28.23%
    • No one assigned–61.29%
  3. What is adult day center’s marketing budget (not including marketing staff salary) per center?
    • 77.34%–Less than $5,000
    • 16.16%–$5,000 – $10,000
    • 6.25%–$10,000- $20,000
    • 5.47%–$20,000 – $50,000
    • .78%–$50,000+
  4. What marketing outlets does the adult day center use on a regular basis? Check all that apply.
    • 93.96%–Brochure
    • 91.28%–Website
    • 60.40%–Newsletters
    • 44.30%–Print ads
    • 20.13%–Radio
    • 8.05%–Cable Television
    • 4.03%–Network television
  5. What are your top 5 referral sources?
    • First: 78%–Clients/Participants/Consumers
    • Second: 60.67%–Case/Care Managers
    • Third:  58%–Family/Friends/Neighbors
    • Forth: 44%–Area Agency on Aging
    • Fifth: 38.67%–Website

Additional referral sources:

  • Physicians/physician assistants/nurse practitioners: 34%
  • Senior/Social Service/Information & Referral: 32%
  • Disease-specific associations: 19.33%
  • Community activities: 18.67%
  • Home health agencies: 18%
  • Caregivers/support groups: 18%
  • Hospital discharge planners: 16%
  • Developmental disabilities associations: 8%
  • Media billboard: 7.33%
  • Church members/ministries: 5.33%
  • Employers: 4%
  • Telephone book/yellow pages: 4%
  • United Way: 2%
  • School system: 1.33%
  • Other: Medicaid  insurance providers, eldercare attorneys, county social workers, Veterans Administration, signage on vans, rehab division of the hospital, internet searches, other day care centers

SOURCE:  NADSA 2014 Member Marketing Survey. Submitted by: Terry Z. Fishler, Chair.



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