The budget woes of California that are plaguing adult day services, or rather eliminating adult day health from MediCal as of December 1, 2011, are highlighted in the September 5, 2011, issue of Newsweek.  Without public funding, most of California’s 300-ish adult day health centers will likely close.  The federal matching funds for MediCal to the state will be lost.  About 35,000 people with disabilities and people who need supervised daily care will have to find alternative care.  The California Association for Adult Day Services (CAADS) is working tirelessly with family caregivers, participants, business owners, legislators and other advocates to keep the service from extinction in the state.  The industry intended to provide options for folks who prefer to stay out of nursing homes must not be forced into an uncertain future.  It is time for California’s leaders to stop reversing the progress of adult day services which are building and supporting communities.