National Study of Long-Term Care Providers


Update on data collection for the 2016 NSLTCP Adult Day Services Center Survey

Data collection for the 2016 National Study of Long-Term Care Providers, conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), closed in February 2017. NCHS would like to extend its sincerest gratitude to NADSA and other provider associations for the tremendous assistance during survey collection. About 63% of all adult day services centers surveyed in 2016 participated in the study. NCHS sincerely appreciates all the adult day services center directors and staff who took the time to complete this important questionnaire.

Reports and products using data collected from the 2016 NSLTCP Adult Day Services Center Survey

Currently, NCHS is working on the data files to prepare them for release through the NCHS Research Data Center (RDC) in early 2018. NCHS is also preparing to release a long-term care overview report that will feature important findings on adult day services centers from the 2016 NSLTCP, together with the other four major long-term care providers: nursing homes, home health care agencies, hospices, and residential care communities. In addition, NCHS is currently working on a stand-alone report on adult day services participants. These reports will include national and state-level estimates where possible, on participants’ demographics, such as age, sex, and race; participants’ physical and cognitive functioning status, such as limitations in activities of daily living and cognitive impairment; and participants’ sources of payment.

The Long-Term Care Branch recently released three excellent sources of state-level information on adult day services centers from the 2014 NSLTCP survey wave: (1) web tables and maps that complement the data presented in the 2013-2014 overview report of long-term care services providers and users; (2) web tables on the use of electronic health records among adult day services centers and residential care communities; and (3) state maps of selected characteristics of adult day services centers and participants. With this data, individual states can compare the characteristics of centers and participants in their state with the characteristics of centers and participants in other states across the nation, and with the national average.

Upcoming changes to the design of the 2018 NSLTCP Adult Day Services Center Survey

NSLTCP plans to be conducted every other year—the next wave of survey fielding is scheduled to begin in 2018. Starting that same year, NSLTCP will begin alternating between the current study design that collects aggregate information about centers and participants to a design that collects individual participant information. In addition to collecting the individual participant information about users, the 2018 survey will continue obtaining information about the operating and organizational characteristics of the center. The benefit of collecting individual participant information in terms of the type of information we can produce from the survey results is that we will be able to obtain a more in-depth understanding of the characteristics of participants than we would using center-aggregated participant information. The new survey design will also enable NCHS to release a Public Use File (PUF) for researchers, policymakers, and others interested in the adult day services sector to access NSLTCP data and run their own analyses free of charge from our website.

Importance of participating in the National Study of Long-Term Care Providers

Each study participant that submitted a completed NSLTCP questionnaire contributed an enormously valuable piece of the adult day services sector’s state and national profile. Policymakers, long-term care providers, health care planners, and researchers will look to these data to monitor changes in adult day services, which is an important and growing sector of long-term care services and supports for the elderly and disabled populations. Again, NCHS values the overwhelming support that NADSA and its members gave to this federal initiative, and looks forward to even more adult day services centers participating in the 2018 NSLTCP. Thanks for your continued support of NSLTCP!

Links to the latest reports from the 2014 National Study of Long Term Care Providers

Hyperlinks to the latest reports from the 2014 National Study of Long-Term Care Providers are included below. These reports can also be downloaded from our Study Results and Publications website. To learn more about the study and the information that we collect about adult day services centers, please visit the NSLTCP website.