Wednesday October 14, 2020 Breakout Sessions

ROUND 2: Breakout Sessons
Sponsored By CADCare by RTZ
Session CEU Hours: 3 


11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT
CEU Hours: 1
EC 4-A
Audience: All Audiences
Track/s: ADS | Clinical/Nursing
Infection Control and Center Safety Practices
Dr. Vanessa Tatum, MD, Administrator & Staff Physician, Helping Hands for Better Living CBAS & ADHC

Dr. Vanessa Tatum, M.D. will discuss the evolving understanding about the novel coronavirus including transmission, COVID-19 symptomatology, and the latest advice on infection control. Whether or not you are currently or plan to provide essential in-center or in-home services, keeping up to date on the latest science and recommendations regarding the pandemic and COVID-19 is critical to your goal of keeping participants, caregivers and your staff safe and healthy. She will discuss what to listen and watch for as you conduct your weekly calls, what to do if you suspect an infection, and answer your questions about surface cleaning, face coverings, PPE, testing and more. This is a MUST ATTEND webinar for all staff.
Learning Objectives:
• Recognizing and understanding the symptoms of COVID-19;
• How to protect yourself and others;
• Coping with COVID-19 restrictions and requirements in Center operations; and
• How to clean, what to clean and what to use.

CEU Hours: 1
EC 5-A
Audience: Emerging | Seasoned | Advanced
Track/s: Across ADS | Advocacy | Business | Person-Centered Care
Identify Opportunities in the Age of COVID
Yonda Snyder, Partner and Co-founder of Sage Squirrel Consulting, LLC.
Debbie Pierson, Partner and Co-founder of Sage Squirrel Consulting, LLC.

The COVID pandemic has had dire consequences for adult day centers and the people they serve. There have been indicators in Medicaid and other programs signaling a new look at regulations. States, providers and payers are exploring the use of remote technologies and are finding new efficiencies that could help meet the challenges that are straining the current systems of long-term services and supports. The content of this session will identify ways to stay focused on maximizing opportunities as you face the challenges of the current crisis.
Learning Objectives:
• Identify potential opportunities for new services and new payors;
• Understand the concerns with congregate settings and how to maximize the advantages of adult day settings over other options; and
• Understand the interest in remote/virtual service delivery and how adult day centers might position themselves to deliver these services.

1:30 PM – 2:30 PM EDT
CEU Hours: 1
EC 6-A
Audience: Emerging | Seasoned | Advanced
Track/s: Across ADS | Leadership
Re-Opening Adult Day Centers’ Plan Implementations: Lessons Learned in IN & NC over
3+ Months
Vicki Maynard, Executive Director, SarahCare of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN; Board Member, IN Adult Day Services Association & Board Member, NADSA
Mark Bumgarner, Executive Director, Adult Life Programs, Hickory, NC; Chair, NC Adult Day Services Association & Board Member, NADSA

In depth re-opening planning is essential to describe the specific steps to address/meet the
‘overwhelming’ federal/state regulations in the COVID-19 era. The presenters will describe the steps taken to transition from the Plan through implementation, the Plans’ core elements will be reviewed concurrent with the lessons learned. In uncharted waters, one has to have a Plan A, be able to know when and how to pivot, to make immediate decisions, and move forward. Attendees will learn unexpected pitfalls; steps taken to successfully resolve and avoided a crisis.
Learning Objectives:
• Steps taken to transition from the Plan through implementation;
• Plan’s core elements: education, staff training, communication with multiple stakeholders,
policies and procedures, PPE supplies;
• Lessons learned: transportation, census re-building, social distancing, personal care,
activities, meal service, screening vs testing, employee issues; and
• Leadership skills required



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