Wednesday October 7, 2020 Breakout Sessions


Round 1: Breakout Sessions
Sponsored by WellSky
CE Hours: 3

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT
CEU Hours: 1
EC 1-A
Audience: Emerging | Seasoned | Advanced
Track/s: Across ADS | Business | Fundraising, Grant Writing/Building Partnerships |
Leadership | Marketing
Building & Leveraging Community Partnerships in Adult Day in the Age of COVID
Joel Bednoski, Founder and Principal, Harpeth Consultant Advisory Group
Christi Clark, Programming Consultant, Harpeth Consultant Advisory Group

Operators of an Adult Day Service Center know the struggles are real: census, fundraising,
marketing, outreach…and then throw in COVID-19 and you have an additional set of struggles! One thing we often overlook is the value of community partnerships.  Community partnerships and collaborations can help ease the struggle, now more so than ever. Now, let’s be clear we can’t solve all your problems, but what we can do is help you learn the steps on how to identify, build, and leverage community partnerships to increase your visibility and get more engaged with your community stakeholders.
Learning Objectives:
• Learn the steps to identify suitable community partnerships in 3 key areas: higher  education, for-profit senior living and homecare, and local/national associations;
• Learning how to approach a potential community partner and identify a next step; and,
• Learn how to increase your exposure through your community partnerships

12:15 PM – 1:15 PM EDT
CEU Hours: 1
EC 2-A
Audience: Emerging | Seasoned | Advanced
Track/s: Across ADS | Business | Leadership
Emerging Adult Day Service Models & Revenue Sources Post COVID-19

Terry Z. Fishler, MSW, Management Consultant
Lydia Missaelides, MHA, Executive Director, Alliance for Leadership and Education
William [Bill] Zagorski, C.E.O., American Senior Care Center
Elizabeth Barnes, Sr. Director, Adult and Senior Services, Easterseals DC, MD, VA
COVID-19 has fundamentally disrupted the traditional services and physical settings for Adult Day Health and Adult Day Social Programs. Re-opening centers is fraught with complex challenges. The content of this session will focus on the realities and opportunities that lie ahead.
Learning Objectives:
• Pre-COVID business models, COVID-induced changes, political and payer environment;
• The emerging, expanded, predictions and diversification of business/service models in the Adult Day arena. Opportunities include telehealth related to social determinants, disease and care management, meal delivery, transportation, DD/ID and more;
• Emerging reimbursement sources related to population health services; and,
• Key business assessment components and data required to make pragmatic business
decisions on the available opportunities.

1:30 PM – 2:30 PM EDT
CEU Hours: 1
EC 3-A
Audience: Seasoned | Advanced
Track/s: Research | Pilots
Reducing High Utilization of Emergency Services Among Order Adults

Ofra Paz, DayBreak Adult Care Centers
The Rapid Response Case Management (RRCM) is a pilot addressing the issue of high utilization of emergency medical systems for non-emergency causes by older adults. DayBreak Adult Care Centers is expanding the pilot in its second year, to work with large healthcare systems and social services, including Emergency Medical Services, hospitals, health care plans and Adult Protective Services.
Learning Objectives:
• The value proposition that community based-services could bring to the table when
partnering with healthcare systems.
• Breaking the silos: What are the main challenges in forming and scaling collaborations
between community-based organization and healthcare systems?
• Showing your impact: How to create a data driven model of care.




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