CMS-1654-P is a new rule that proposes changes to incentivize health care providers to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease earlier and to recommend community based services and supports. Adult Day Services are specifically mentioned as one such alternative! (See page 46213 of the Federal Register by clicking here.)

Most importantly, click here to leave a short Formal Comment about this proposed Rule.

Less than 150 people have commented and most of those are radiological technicians. ADS comments will be seen if enough of us make them!! Your comment need only be something like this: “Thank you for recognizing that Adult Day Services is a suitable community alternative to provide care for individuals suffering with Alzheimer’s (Page 46213 of the Federal Register). Adult day health centers are experienced in providing this care and are far less expensive than either Home Care or institutional care. I urge you to retain your support for Adult Day Care in the Final Rule.” (I have posted this comment.)

Post your comment as soon as possible. The comment period closes September 6th.

Sen. Roy Afflerbach, Ret., NADSA Public Policy Advisor