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Message from the Chair

Successful companies invest their resources where they can expect a return.

This may include investing in areas such as their employees and marketing. If you are an adult day center and want to be successful, you must invest in the National Adult Day Services Association (NADSA), which is the leading voice of the rapidly growing adult day services (ADS) sector and the national focal point for ADS providers. By investing in the NADSA, you are staying on the cutting edge of ADS information and trends. You are also helping shape public policy, promoting ADS research, and gaining access to valuable education opportunities. Not only do adult day center providers benefit, but so do state associations, corporations, educators, students and others interested in working to build better lives for adults in adult day programs.

Chip Cromartie, Chair of NADSA

Chip Cromartie, Chair of NADSA

This is one reason we’ve recently unveiled new Strategic Partner Membership opportunities. We recognize that NADSA is a critical link between businesses that offer quality products or services and providers of Adult Day Services. We want to foster these relationships so that we can more readily work together as a means of meeting the ever-growing needs of persons who are frail, chronically ill or have disabilities. NADSA offers three Strategic Partner Membership levels, including Business Premium Members, Business Plus Members, and Business Members.

Soon we will also be unveiling new membership rates and a modified dues structure. For the multi-site corporations, we’ve made it easier to recognize and promote all of your locations as center members. The first center will be at the regular rate and each of the additional centers will receive a discount. Most our membership options will receive modest dues increases effective January 1, 2015, and we will be providing the projected increases for the next three years in an effort to help all of our members plan their budgets accordingly.

The NADSA board of directors recognizes that all of our members want to maximize their return on investment. Therefore we are working hard to focus like a laser on those issues that our members have conveyed as a top priority. Through our strategic plan we are focused on enhancing our public policy impact, continuously improving and expanding our educational offerings, and keeping our members informed of advances in research and other areas of Adult Day Services. As one we may be strong and formidable, but together we are unstoppable.

To learn more about strategic partner member opportunities visit

—Chip Cromartie, Chair of NADSA