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Ahead of the Curve: Expanding the Reach of Medical and Health Services with Technology

A recent 4-part webinar series produced by CARF International explored the challenges, opportunities, and current uses of new and dynamic technologies in the provision of a wide variety of medical and health services. Current technologies are changing the nature of how healthcare providers, both large and small, are expanding the reach of their services. The ongoing advancement of such technologies will further challenge the long-established parameters of service setting, modeling, and delivery. In the midst of constant change, providers are often forced to react to the conditions created by new technologies. This webinar series provided guidance and insight on how providers can get “ahead of the curve” and utilize new technologies to enhance service efficacy and efficiency.

The individual recordings of the series are now available for purchase. They are:

This webinar provides a brief overview of telehealth terminology, technologies, practice guidelines, evidence-supported clinical applications within the rehabilitation professions, and reimbursement and policy trends. Benefits, challenges, and opportunities associated with the use of telehealth are discussed.

This webinar presents information about computer technologies that help individuals with chronic illness and disability manage their daily lives and function in the community. Categories of technology that are discussed include hand-held devices, web-based support systems, smart environments, and smart prosthetics.

With the recent boom in technology, many technologies previously unavailable to people with disabilities are now used to enhance participation in desired activities. This webinar familiarizes participants with some of the most popular technologies, including standalone devices and software-based apps. Devices used for mobility, communication, and home safety are highlighted. Major legislation related to assistive technology is also described in this webinar. Lastly, a description of select funding issues as well as strategies for attaining funding for assistive technology is included.

This webinar discusses the exponential advances in interactive technology, how it will influence medical rehabilitation, and its current and near-future clinical use. The webinar also explores some of the challenges and opportunities of using technology to achieve the triple aim of quality care, population health, and lower cost healthcare.

For a full description webinar, please visit the webinar series webpage.