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May I Have This Dance?

National Adult Day Services Association Conference
Hilton Squaw Peak Resort, Phoenix, Arizona
October 15-17, 2015

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Sometimes we don’t know the person who’s asking us to dance,
We don’t know the tunes,
We are unsure of the steps
We don’t know if we should lead or follow
But then…the music starts to get to us…we begin to sway and move and dance.

Think about the possibilities if we all danced this year!

  • Could we create the best educational program ever? Can we see amazing centers and meet stunning leaders in adult day health and services?
  • Can we welcome and instill fire into first-time attendees, advanced learners and seasoned professionals?
  • Would we introduce vendors and sponsors to new and current customers?

Sometimes we are unsure, confused, and afraid we would not understand what we’re supposed to do. We don’t know who is leading and who is following. Follow me!

Write a RFP (Request for Proposal)

Take an idea you dream about and find a partner to help you develop it. What do we need to make this happen? What does the research say about this idea? What kind of partners would it take to do a national or international pilot of my idea?

Help a colleague write a great proposal. You know someone who is amazing and is doing great work, way ahead of his or her time…help them write a proposal and support them in their presentation. Talk about how this amazing work belongs in adult day services…talk about how you translated it to your center.

Invite a business vendor or business partner to talk about the success of partnering with an adult day health or services center.

Invite a student, intern, family member or participant to co-present with you. Talk about that amazing program or service project that you did together.

Join the Conference Volunteer Force

Become a volunteer mentor. Meet someone new. Help them to understand the value of networking. Introduce them to your colleagues. Invite them to dinner. Remember what it felt like the first time you realized that you had just made a friend in the same business, halfway across the country or the continent? Wear the mentor ribbon.

Facilitate discussions in an idea or state association forum, greet attendees as they register, or introduce speakers. Make sure that your name and business card are going home with someone new this year. Get out of your chair and join us on the dance floor.

Learn about the backstage of conference planning. Join the conference committee phone calls. Be a part of picking the music.

Bring Business to NADSA

Invite vendors and other business leaders to learn about adult day services. Give them a sponsor/vendor/exhibitor application. Tell them they need to be at this national conference. Imagine how it will benefit their business and tell them. Buy their products and tell your friends to do the same.

Join the development/vendor support team. Ask to be the person who introduces a sponsor prior to the keynote speeches. Sit at one of the head tables. Meet adult day services board members and national leaders.

Write a grant or do a fundraiser to bring your whole staff to the conference. Especially if you live in Arizona or a surrounding state, this is an amazing opportunity to have your team attend a national conference. Don’t let that opportunity slip away. Give them all a chance to be on the dance floor!

Attend one of the Thursday Pre-Conference Events: the first-time-ever golf event; a Northern Arizona site visit that takes you through the beautiful wild west part of Arizona (with education on the bus); pamper yourself with yoga, meditation and maybe even a spa treatment; bring your whole staff to the Welcome Event.

Challenge yourself to meet 3 people you have never talked to and share your stories. Invite them to dance with you!

Exterior Photo

You are not a wallflower! Get up off that chair, come to the dance floor. Spin around and enjoy the music and fill your dance card.

Join us this year…it will not be the same without YOU on the dance floor!

—By Beth Meyer-Arnold