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CDC Releases its First Long-Term Care Overview Report that Features Adult Day Services Centers

LTCPOn December 12, 2013, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) released its report, Long-Term Care Services in the United States: 2013 Overview. This report features interesting and policy-relevant findings on adult day services centers, in addition to residential care communities, nursing homes, home health agencies, and hospices. Data on adult day services centers and residential care communities were collected through primary surveys of the National Study of Long-Term Care Providers (NSLTCP) that were conducted between September 2012 and February 2013, while data on the other providers were obtained through administrative records from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

The content covered in this 93-page report includes the supply and organizational structure of the five long-term care providers included in the study, the varying services they provide, and the number of nursing and social work staff they employ. In addition, demographic, health, and functional characteristics of the users of the five providers are presented. For example, one interesting finding is that, compared to users of the other long-term care providers, participants in adult day services centers are more racially and ethnically diverse.

Preliminary results on adult day services centers and some figures from the overview report were presented by NCHS during the NADSA webinar on November 13, 2013. In early 2014, NCHS will release web tables showing state-level estimates for selected topics covered in the overview report, in addition to two data briefs exclusively on adult day services centers.

NCHS encourages all adult day services center directors and other interested individuals to download a copy of this report.

NSLTCP, which provides the data that are featured in this report, will be conducted every other year. The next fielding of NSLTCP is scheduled to begin in early June 2014. Long-term care providers, policymakers, health care planners and researchers can use the data and these report findings to monitor changes in the adult day services industry, which is an important and growing sector of long-term care services and supports to the elderly and disabled populations.

NCHS values the incredible support that NADSA and its members give to this important initiative and looks forward to the participation of eligible adult day services centers in the 2014 NSLTCP.

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