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NADSA’s Marketing Committee: 2013 Accomplishments & Plans for 2014

This article highlights projects accomplished in 2013 and “works in progress” for 2014.

Marketing 1The Committee’s Goals are to: sustain national strategic marketing plans, contribute to the value of being a NADSA member, increase the visibility of NADSA and adult day services, and increase utilization of Adult Day Services. The tagline “Changing how you live, not where you live,” along with NADSA’s website, are now identified on all promotional materials created by the Committee and approved by the NADSA Board.

Marketing Communications are deployed at three levels: National (NADSA), State (State Associations), and Local (by member centers).

marketing 2Now available, free to members, are newly created marketing promotional materials:

  • Voices of Adult Day Services—Participants, family members and caregivers articulate the advantages of adult day services. Graphics and voiceovers direct the viewer to contact NADSA to locate centers. This video is available on the NADSA website and YouTube, and copies have been distributed to NADSA Member State Associations.
  • Locator Service—The Locator, available on the NADSA website, has been revised to make it more user friendly. Member organizations are quickly identified and highlighted.
  • Referral Pad—This  5×7 marketing tool is specifically designed for use by: hospital discharge planners, home health, employers’ human resource representatives, physicians, clergy and other referral sources. The key benefits of adult day services are predominately highlighted as a means to check off the services appropriate for the individual. Seven highlighted benefits are: remaining independent at home; socialization/community engagement; health & wellness; safety; care coordination; caregiver support; and personal care. The format contains the NADSA contact information and tagline AND provides space for customization, whereby State Associations or member centers can identify their specific services and contact information.
  • Poster—Can be utilized on member websites and for advertising. Contains NADSA contact information and space for customization by State Associations and member centers.

marketing 3How do we customize the Referral Pad and poster? This can be accomplished in-house by a graphic artist. Another option is to contact Nicole Lepke, a graphic artist, who has successfully completed the customization for the WI State Association. Nicole has agreed to offer her services to NADSA members for a $50 charge. Nicole requests that members send to her their logo and specific contact information to be inserted. She will complete and save as a PDF for review and printing purposes. Contact Nicole at

The Referral Pads and poster can be printed by a local printer. This way members can be assured of the quality, select the exact number to be ordered, printed in color or black & white, and clarify the specific time frame for delivery.

MOVING FORWARD—”works in progress” for 2014

  1. Marketing to Businesses—template for preparation and meetings.
  2. Sharing Marketing Committee’s “works in progress” with NADSA Members via newsletters, email blasts and webinars.
  3. Enhance utilization of Social Media platforms.
  4. Syndication to members of content for member newsletters, media news, politicians, caregivers, articles for print media and publications.

Yes, YOU can have a voice on the Marketing Committee! Email Terry Z. Fishler, Chair at

—Submitted by: Terry Z. Fishler, Chair

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