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NADSA Marketing Committee Update


The National Adult Day Services Association (NADSA) understands the critical role of marketing and solution-oriented messaging to help position and promote NADSA, NADSA members, and adult day services. To this end, the NADSA marketing committee has undertaken a process to truly understand and strategically support NADSA in the area of marketing. First on our agenda was to examine our current practices to identify purpose, elements, messaging/vehicle(s), audiences and metrics within the context of the four primary “prongs” of marketing:

  1. marketing of NADSA
  2. marketing of NADSA events
  3. marketing support for NADSA members
  4. marketing of adult day services.

The committee then discerned the myriad ways in which key functions of the association, such as public policy, research and business development, intersect with marketing—both internally and externally.

This process of examination allowed NADSA to set goals, prioritize next steps and develop a set of measures to benchmark and track resources, progress and outcomes. It became abundantly clear that to accomplish our marketing and awareness-building goals, our initial step must be to establish  a working definition of adult day services that is as inclusive as possible. To create this definition, we will begin by identifying key defining features of adult day services in operation aross the country, as well as pulling definitions used in state regulatory documents to analyze common characteristics. Stay tuned for other exciting marketing initiatives!

The Marketing Committee is co-led by NADSA Board members Terry Fishler and Lyn Geboy.

—By Lisa Peters-Beumer, NADSA Chair-Elect and Marketing Committee member