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Message from the Chair

Chip Cromartie, Chair of NADSA

Chip Cromartie, Chair of NADSA

Recently, I took part in a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) basic rider course. It was a terrific experience and only one out of the six of us that took the course broke a bone. The other five of us received instruction on proper gear, lots of safety concepts, and practiced riding motorcycles through weaves, curves and swerves before graduating. One of the things that we learned relates in many ways to business and life in general. According to the MSF, “A good motorcyclist reduces factors that lead to problems by applying a STRATEGY.” They suggest using the “SEE” strategy, which stands for Search, Evaluate and Execute.

In many ways, this is just what the National Adult Day Services Association did during our strategic planning sessions:

  • We Searched for factors that might lead to opportunities and risks for our service sector. Thanks to the survey responses from our members and the diverse board of directors at NADSA, we were able to identify many of the complex changes that are occurring in the marketplace due to the Affordable Care Act, managed care and many other emerging trends.
  • Next we Evaluated how these factors might impact adult day services. Through a day-long retreat, committee meetings and a follow-up strategic planning session, we were able to develop a plan of action.
  • Now we find ourselves in the Execute phase. This will take leadership, membership buy-in and support. Ultimately, just like riding a motorcycle, without a strategy we could easily find ourselves in a crash.

Therefore, together we’ve determined four key areas of focus to ensure we have the resources needed to fulfill our mission:

  1. Public Policy
  2. Marketing
  3. Research
  4. Revenue Generation

We will continue to update you on the strategic plan and its implementation through regular communications.

I would like to express my appreciation to you, our members; the NADSA board of directors; our Managing Director Teresa Johnson; and our Public Policy Advisor Roy Afflerbach for their work toward developing the strategic plan. We are fortunate to have so many dedicated, passionate and talented people involved with NADSA.

—Chip Cromartie, Chair of NADSA