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Adult Day Services Innovator Award

This award recognizes innovative practices that strengthen the adult day services business and move adult day services forward in the 21st century, such as through service expansion, technology, marketing, programming, etc.

Timothy Timmermann

Timothy Timmermann

Timothy Timmermann

NADSA is proud to present the 2013 Innovator Award to Timothy Timmermann of Brevard Alzheimer’s Foundation in Melbourne, Florida. “Tim” has displayed a heart of service to the aging community through his ingenuity, creativity and integrity. After winning the 1999 PC Magazine’s “Best Personal Finance Application, (beating out QuickBooks and Quicken), and before that being the lead programmer for Domino’s Pizza national computerized ordering system in 1995, Tim turned his attention to a cause that was dear to his heart. After his grandmother Lillian, suffered for 14 years from a debilitating disease Tim turned his energy and talents to build an infrastructure that delivers lower costs and supports growth now and in the future for adult day services.

Tim developed and implemented an employee timekeeping system which enables those on the administrative side to process and track employee time and payroll throughout Brevard County, saving time and money. It also tracks transportation; van/route transportation apps create turn-by-turn maps for drivers to pick up and drop off day care clients. Tim also developed and implemented an iPhone App to expand the marketing outreach throughout the US.  Brevard’s major fundraiser was a nationwide drawing of a classic car. Not only featuring the fundraiser, he also expanded its function to include car drawings from nonprofits throughout the country, increasing nationwide donations for other nonprofits.

Tim also wrote and developed a program to track attendance. This includes printing name tags with specific health conditions (like diabetes). Caregivers can log into the system to check in their family member. To complete the circle of technology, the software interfaces with Brevard’s website which includes real-time reporting, editable admission forms, and information about the center for current and future clients, clearly “pushing new boundaries to reach new heights.”

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