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Volunteer Award

The Volunteer Award recognizes and celebrates outstanding contributions by a volunteer in your adult day center. The individual demonstrates exceptional commitment and exemplifies the spirit of service for the center. A candidate is an unpaid individual, 21 years of age or above, who has volunteered with the day center for at least two years.

Betsy Sexton

Betsy Sexton

Betsy Sexton

Betsy Sexton, a faithful volunteer at Page Robbins Adult Day Care Center in Collierville, TN, is the recipient of the 2013 NADSA Volunteer Award. In 18 years, she was a major advocate to have an adult center in the community, chaired a search committee to find its first director, supported the center financially, created a challenge grant to eliminate the center’s debt, and currently volunteers weekly in various capacities, strongly supporting Page Robbins in every way.

Betsy has proven her commitment through the years by serving the aging population and clients with dementia. She consistently seeks to meet the needs of those around her with humility, diligence, and a heart-warming smile. Her loyal service for almost two decades at the Page Robbins community is treasured.

One unique hallmark of Betsy is her patriotism. She celebrates patriotic holidays by dressing up as Betsy Ross and plays the part for the participants.  It is always a fun time for them and Betsy enjoys it as much as they do. Her cheerfulness touches everyone at the center, as she goes beyond the call of volunteer by doing not only what is asked but also anticipating the needs of both staff and participants.

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