HealthJay Inc. and the National Adult Day Services Association Announce “JayPad Cares” Partnership

Free JayPad for NADSA Members to address COVID Isolation and Re-opening


Order Your JayPad Today!

Go virtual with HealthJay!  Our ground-breaking adult engagement ecosystem diversifies services to seniors, IDD, and behavioral health participants ages 18+ while advancing productivity and revenue streams for Adult Day Services (ADS) Providers.

HealthJay fast-tracks the arrival of “Centers Without Walls.” With Hybrid classrooms and Virtual Capabilities, we generate engagement, and sustain and grow census-revenue through a user-friendly social platform. Our signature product – the JayPad – is a tablet designed to deliver easy to use virtual programming, socializing, entertainment, and service deliveries.

Catering to a growing adult population, we deliver easy-to-use features for members in centers as well as those staying at home. The JayPad allows members to participate in group video classes and activities, receive timely reminders, make safe private social audio and video calls (including group calls), and to get help from Care Circles. All this is achieved with simple button presses or by using the integrated Chatbot with voice commands. The JayPad has enhanced accessibility features including Bluetooth hearing aid plug-in, big buttons, color-coded interface, large fonts, and voice to text for users.

Backed by a web admin portal called “FlightDeck,” administrators can manage all users, activities, and data. With our mobile app “JayMobile,” staff and family members can communicate in Care Circles. Our HIPPA compliant “JayCloud” provides unlimited storage for browsing and reporting. HealthJay offers an unprecedented pathway for ADS Providers to adapt to changing challenges ahead.

Serving on the engagement end, HealthJay excels in areas that EHR and other data management systems do not cover. When HealthJay and EHR join forces, ADS Providers can further reduce costs, save time, recruit new members (near and far), add revenue, and achieve more.

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Free JayPad for NADSA Members

Ready for brighter-day perks? The NADSA-HealthJay partnership offers NADSA members a FREE JayPad for every 1-Year subscription at $30/ month. For just $1/ month per user, Staff, Instructor, and Family members can use the JayMobile App on any Android or iPhone to host virtual classes, validate meals and service deliveries, conduct wellness checks and video calls, and monitor members 24/7 for peace of mind. For Providers with a growth mindset, we’ve got your back too! HealthJay is offering FREE access to our web admin portal FlightDeck and our JayCloud data storage. Providers can manage hundreds of JayPad members and JayMobile staff and family users and create and channel an unlimited number of virtual activities, all on one platform, and at no additional cost! Monetize your Adult Day services today with enriched virtual programming and robust recruitment of new membership.  With the JayPad, brighter days are within reach!

If you are a NADSA member, you can subscribe to the JayPad on the HealthJay website by clicking on this link: Free JayPad. Use the coupon code NADSA1 to get a free JayPad.

Visit the HealthJay website today at

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