Code of Ethics

The National Adult Day Services Association (NADSA) exists to advance the national development, recognition and use of Adult Day Services. NADSA expects its members to abide by all applicable state and federal laws and regulations. This Code of Ethics sets forth principles and rules of conduct above and beyond those required by law. Complying with the Code of Ethics is a condition of membership in NADSA. Documented failure to comply with the Code of Ethics will result in expulsion from membership in NADSA. Every member of NADSA commits to the following Code of Ethics:

Quality of Care Standard: Members shall strive to uphold the highest possible levels of quality care, including conformance to standards and requirements imposed by regulatory authorities having jurisdiction over each member facility.

Compliance with Laws: Each Member shall comply with all laws, statutes, regulations and other requirements set forth by the federal, state, and local governments in which the Member operates.

Participant Rights: Members shall strive to recognize and respect the rights, dignity and individuality of all participants. Members shall maintain confidentiality concerning participants except as otherwise required by law. Members and their staff shall be obliged to become familiar with and to report suspected cases of elder abuse and other reportable offenses against participants to the proper authorities, consistent with law.

Protection of Participant Information: Each Member agrees to protect participant health and personal information, abiding by all applicable federal and state laws and regulations, including but not limited to all provisions set forth in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, as amended (“HIPAA”) and any other laws and regulations that may be instituted in the future.

Participant Selection: Members shall not refuse to accept participants or deny services based on the participant’s race, creed, religion, color, gender, sexual orientation or national origin. Members shall accept only participants for whom care can be properly provided.

Appropriateness of Care: Members shall inform prospective participants of alternative programs or services that appear suited to the needs of the participant if the center cannot meet an individual’s needs. Members shall comply with state “fraud and abuse” laws, which state in part that providers may not be reimbursed for services that are unnecessary or substandard and fail to meet professionally recognized standards for health care. Members shall hire adequate qualified employees to meet the needs of the participants to whom they render care.

Representation of Care and Fees: Members shall fully disclose all applicable charges for care, materials and related services prior to their provision. Members shall not pay rebates or referral fees, or engage in fee splitting in any form unless specifically authorized by law. This Code of Ethics prohibits any false or misleading comments to participants about care or fees. Members shall ensure that all billing and claims reimbursement activities are based on materially complete information and that payment and reimbursement is only received for that which they are entitled.

Conflicts of Interest: Members shall avoid actual, apparent or potential conflicts of interest with regard to their professional involvements and personal, financial or other interests. In the event that an actual, apparent or potential conflict of interest exists, the Member shall refrain from providing services or materials until full disclosure has been made, and the conflict waived by the participant or his/her representative. Likewise, the Member shall refrain from any decision-making process in which that Member has an actual, apparent or potential conflict of interest.

Accountability of Members: Members and their principals (if applicable) shall maintain high standards of personal and professional conduct both within and outside the adult day services community. Members shall abide by the decisions of duly constituted committees of NADSA.

As a member of the National Adult Day Services Association, you join with other NADSA members in a mutual commitment to the continuation of quality adult day services as a means of meeting the ever-growing needs of persons who are frail, chronically ill or have disabilities. Please read the National Adult Day Services Association (NADSA) Code of Ethics carefully because when you renew your membership in NADSA you are agreeing to abide by the Code of Ethics. As a NADSA member you are obligated to report breaches of ethical conduct to NADSA and/or appropriate regulatory or civil authorities.




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