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Bathing Products

Apollo Logo

Apollo provides a full range of cost-effective bathing systems that support efficient use of staff time while enhancing resident quality of life. Our Whirlpool models provide hydrotherapy benefits with every bath. Our Remedy® ultraviolet water purifier is an FDA-recognized, broad-spectrum, germicidal system that kills harmful pathogens throughout the bath and is clinically proven to reduce UTIs by 50% and respiratory infections by 35%. The premium ingredients used in our lotions, barrier creams, bath oils, body washes and shampoos offer the very best skin care, to effectively rejuvenate and moisturize while providing relief and protection to irritated areas and chronic conditions. Visit Website.


Future Focus logo

The primary purpose of Future Focus, Inc. is to provide Management Consulting Services to providers in the health care continuum. Our mission is to support health care organizations in a corporate structure to enhance overall profitability and to effectively care for various populations with highly-qualified professional staff. Visit Website.

Harpeth logo

At Harpeth Consultant Advisory Group, we focus on three key areas in our Common Sense Approach to deliver Sophisticated Results. No matter what your goals are, this structured approach allows us to help you get there. The essence of most any organization is its people; the team. HarpConAG believes when you walk into any business, you can “feel” the atmosphere. From ones that are warm and inviting, or corporate and down to business, and even ones that have a cold, clinical feeling. One area of service from HarpConAG is helping you create the team environment that will allow you to achieve your vision. Click here for contact information and more.

iN2L logo

iN2L is grateful to have recently celebrated our 20th year in senior living. As we begin our third decade of bringing person-centered engagement to older adults, we want to visually refresh our brand to represent where we’ve been, and where we’re going.

What’s different?

We are adopting iN2L as our brand name instead of It’s Never 2 Late to reflect how most of our 3,000 customer communities refer to both our company and our touch screen systems. We are excited about moving forward with this simpler brand name! “It’s Never 2 Late” will continue to live on as a guidepost for our company in how we approach our work—the idea that it’s never too late to live a life full of joy, purpose, and connection. Visit Website.

We work on human service projects, typically in situations where objectives are not being achieved and where operational challenges need to be identified and addressed.  Our mission is to work on projects that have a positive impact on how citizens experience or access services, or projects that positively impact the engagement and performance of the human service workforce.

We offer a unique combination of imaginative, big-picture thinking and pragmatic, real-world, results-driven solutions.   We understand policy, but we aren’t policy wonks.  We aren’t a technology company, but we understand the role of technology and how to translate between business process and technology solutions to assure technology works as a tool to achieve objectives rather than a barrier than limits them.  We focus on operations – the how. Visit for more information or email us at

Education & Training

ABA Foundation Logo

Safe Banking for Seniors (SBFS) is a free national program, sponsored by the ABA Foundation that provides bankers with the tools and resources necessary to help older adults, their families and caregivers prevent elder financial abuse and exploitation. The program consist of four turn-key modules with presentations, activity sheets, resource sheets, and guides to help bankers connect with their local communities to share about: identifying and avoiding scams; preventing identity theft; choosing a financial caregiver; and acting as a responsible financial caregiver. Now, also available in Spanish! Visit website.

CARF Internation

CARF is an independent, non-profit organization focused on enhancing the quality of service delivery through the provision of accreditation services worldwide at the request of health and human service providers. Since 1997, NADSA has designated CARF as it’s partner in accreditation of adult day services. Visit website.

Easterseals Southern California (ESSC)

Our purpose is to change the way the world defines and views disability by making profound, positive differences in people’s lives every day. Visit website.


CIC logo

Cincinnati Insurance Company is an insurance carrier providing specialized property, general and professional liability, crime and auto coverages through licensed independent agents in your community. We also offer specialized risk management services included with your insurance policy. Click here for contact information and more.


Heffernan Insurance Brokers

Heffernan Insurance Brokers provide comprehensive business insurance, personal insurance, employee benefits and financial services products to a wide range of businesses and individuals nationwide. With a commitment to people, we value a culture dedicated to serving our clients’ needs in an effort to protect their valuable assets and assist in making smart decisions for their business or family. Click here for contact information and more.

National Providers

Sarah Care loog

Invest in the rapidly growing senior market as a member of the SarahCare family. The only company in the country who has been proven successful over time in offering franchises in adult day care and related home and community based services. Say. “YES” to this great opportunity.

At the heart of SarahCare is a uniquely designed program that brings together health, social, and other supportive services in a warm, familiar, safe and friendly environment. SarahCare creates individualized person-centered plans of care for each participant and customizes care and activities to fit their daytime needs. Our centers are staffed with Licensed nurses who oversee chronic health conditions and medication management.

Owners take pride in creating an upscale center. Our model of care provides services that will helps keep families together at a cost that is less than daily home care or residential living. Healthcare staff enjoys working for our centers, which are open Monday through Friday from 7am to 6pm. You may choose to be open part of the day on Saturday, but our centers are closed every evening. Sundays, and all major holidays.

From the moment you begin your discovery, from your very first on-site orientation training to your adult day care center opening and more, we guarantee that you will have a great experience with SarahCare. It is our goal to provide you with the highest quality training, support tools and marketing there is to offer. Click here for contact information and more.

Real Estate

Scioto logo

Scioto Properties is a national real estate investment company committed to providing long-term residential services in the healthcare industry. Visit website.

Software Technology

WellSky, provides software for adult day centers and other community based services in 30 states in both Web and Desktop versions. Our customers include free standing facilities as well as those connected to larger health organizations such as hospitals and rehab facilities and multi-site organizations. This SaaS (Software as a Service) provides HIPAA Compliant secure servers, IT staff and software developers to ensure up to date features and benefits for our customers. All work and servers are within the U.S.A.  The WellSky Systems software is an electronic billing system that incorporates Electronic Health Record (EHR) with eBilling, Revenue Cycle Management, Care Plans, Intake Tracking, Adult Day Health & Social Models, Psych Rehab, IDD and Case Management.  ADS WellSky (formerly Mediware & Kinnser Software) is portfolio of global companies.  Click here for contact information and more.


RTZ was founded in 1977. During the past four decades, RTZ has evolved from a handful of academics working out of a small office to one of the largest and most innovative companies developing software for case managers and adult day providers. In the 1990s, RTZ began introducing adult day centers (most recording services with pen and paper) to PC-based software, allowing them to more efficiently collect data and more effectively track outcomes. Customers reported significant cost savings. During the past 20 years, RTZ’s commitment to serving the adult day service industry has never wavered. As other products have trickled onto the market, RTZ has continued to invest in CADCare to keep it ahead of the competition. Today, more adult day centers depend on CADCare than any other software product. Click here for contact information and more.

ElderSuite logo

ElderSuite assists Adult Day Care service providers with day-to-day operations. It eliminates duplication prevents human error with a comprehensive solution which creates unified records and documentation across all settings including Attendance & Transportation, Claims, Document Management, Nursing, Nutrition.

Some of ElderSuite’s popular features include:

  • Integrated HIPAA Compliant Electronic Billing
  • CACFP Meal Income Eligibility Form
  • CACFP Claim for Reimbursement – Form 1532 (Food Billing)
  • CACFP Claim for Reimbursement Worksheet – Form H4502
  • Daily Transportation Record – Form 3682

Click here for contact information and more.

HealthJay is a care eco-system that includes wearables, Apps, and backend portal for seniors, caregivers and their loved ones. We offer solutions to monitor senior safety while breaking new ground on social connections to address loneliness among seniors.

Its signature product, the JayWatch, is a wearable that acts as a care-buddy to keep people safe, social, and connected. Imagine a personal assistant on a wrist. The JayWatch is re-defining what a safety wearable can do and beyond, allowing it to benefit seniors in every aspect of life .

Our Admin web app allows for easily assigning a watch to a senior and setting up care circles that include staff members. All event handling history is recorded and may be browsed.

Staff members use our mobile app to quickly respond with realtime audio chat directly to a senior’s watch, as well as keep each other informed. Visit Website.

MyAdultDayCare, LLC is an integrated platform for Adult Day Services. This EHR/Practice Management Software is cloud based and secure. The platform is device independent and our software works on laptop, desktop, tablet and Android and iPhones. Support, training and implementation is provided. Our cloud-based practice management platform for Adult Day Care Services helps provide better quality care while improving their daily operations through consistent, shared and accessible client data. Our integrated platform also helps centers stay connected with practitioners, pharmacies, vendors and even billing. From care service and medication management to mitigating risk, ensuring compliance and strengthening relationships, MyAdultDayCare client-centered platform provides a view to all involved in care delivery.  Click here for contact information and more.

StoriiCare logo

Care Management software for Adult Day Care and Adult Day Health Care providers. StoriiCare has an emphasis on simplicity, visual design and ease-of-use. Improve staff efficiency, increase center profits and save hours on paperwork. StoriiCare helps you make better informed decisions through data and connect families with their loves ones like never before. Click here for contact information and more.


Flying Angels logo

Flying Angels provides non-emergency medical transport anywhere in the world on commercial airlines with a Flight Nurse or physician. Whether a senior citizen who simply needs someone to accompany them during travel or patients with serious medical conditions, Flying Angels handles every step of the journey.

At Flying Angels, high-quality service begins with our patient-centered approach. A Flight Coordinator, who is also a senior Flight Nurse, synchronizes all the logistics with the primary care provider, and remains the single point of contact throughout each mission. Click here for contact information and more.

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