The National Adult Day Services Association recognizes excellence in the support and delivery of adult day services through an annual awards competition. Awards recognize program staff, organizations, programs, media representatives, legislators and advocates who support adult day services. NADSA members are invited to submit nominations annually in the Spring.  Awards are presented at the annual meeting in the Fall.

Administrator/Director Award

This award was created in 2007 to recognize adult day center administrators/directors who have demonstrated outstanding leadership within their centers and their communities.

2019    Mark Rosen, Open Circle Adult Day Service Organization, Hopkins, MN

2016    Dana Territo, Alzheimer’s Services of the Capital Area, Baton Rouge, LA

2015     S. Micheal Pope, Alzheimer’s Services of the East Bay, Berkeley, California

2014     Barbara Zeis, Amherst H. Wilder Foundation, St. Paul, Minnesota

2013     Shannon Ross, SarahCare Day Care Center, Inc., Ohio

2012     Carol Louise, Family Alliance, Inc., Woodstock, Illinois

2011      Lesley Bess, Active Day Grand Strand, South Carolina

2010     Carla Jones, RossWoods Adult Day Services, Georgia

2009     Nola Evonne Davis, YMCA Bettye J McCormick Adult Day Services, Indiana

2009     Dottie Santagata, Cornerstone Adult Day Services, Rhode Island

2008     Donna Kay, Polk County Board of County Commissioners, Florida

2007     Joanne Corbett, Milddebury, Vermont

Adult Day Center Award

This award was created in 2007 to recognize outstanding and innovative adult day centers. Criteria can include creative programming, personalized or specialized services, exceptional programs and services and unique or well-established community partnerships. The day center is recognized as a model on which others can learn from as “best practice”.

2017     Wesley Life – Dahl Adult Day Services, Des Moines, IA

2016     YMCA Betty J. McCormick Center, Vincennes, IN

2015     Joy’s House, Indianapolis, Indiana

2014     CarePartners Adult Day Services, Asheville, North Carolina

2014     My Second Home, An Intergenerational Adult Day Program of Family Services of Westchester, Inc., Port Chest, New York

2013     Adult Enrichment Centers of Fort Mill, Fort Mill, South Carolina

2013    Insight Memory Care Center formerly Alzheimer’s Family Day Center, Fairfax, Virginia

2012     Adult Care of Chester County, Exton, Pennsylvania

2011     Family Alliance, Inc., Woodstock, Illinois

2011     Martin Luther Campus Adult Day Services, Bloomington, Minnesota

2010     The Elizabeth and Tab Williams Adult Day Center, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

2010    Casa Central Adult Wellness Center, Chicago, Illinois

2009     House of Welcome Adult Day Services of the North Shore Senior Center, Northfield, Illinois

2009     Grace Adult Day Services-Chippewa Falls, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

2009     Charlie’s Place, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

2007     Arbor Rose Adult Day Club, Mesa, Arizona

Adult Day Services Innovator Award

This award was established in 2009 to recognize innovative practices that strengthen the adult day services business and move adult day services forward in the 21st century such as through service expansion, technology, marketing, programming, etc.

2019     Beth Scovill, ADS Data Systems/WellSky, Overland Park, KS

2016     Amber Carey-Navarrete, Easter Seals Bellflower Adult Day Service, CA

2016     My Second Home, JEWEL Program, Mt. Kisco and White Plains, NY

2013     Timothy Timmermann, Brevard Alzheimer’s Foundation, Melbourne, Florida

2011     Dave Shull, Kareware, Inc., West Chester, Pennsylvania

2010     Heritage Day Health Center, Columbus, Ohio

2009     Kimberly Santilli, Cornerstone Adult Day Services, Warwick, Rhode Island

2009     Gail Clark, Cascade Park Active Day Healthcare Center, Tacoma, Washington

Direct Care Staff Award

This award was created in 2007 to recognize direct care staff members who demonstrate outstanding person-centered skills, effective communication techniques, dedication, creativity and teamwork attitude. This individual serves as a model for others who choose this profession. Nominees may include nurses, program assistants, bathing assistants, and drivers.

2017   Barbara Willis-Powell, Mercy Ministries of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2015     John Shippen, Susan J Rheem Adult Day Center, Prescott, Arizona

2013     Penny Hatrick, Adult Care Center of Chester County, Exton, Pennsylvania

2012     Brian Charles Owens, Woodside Place Adult Day Center, Oakmont, Pennsylvania

2011     Marolyn Class, SarahCare of Canton, Canton, Ohio

2011     Carol Swilley, Hillsborough County Division of Aging Services, Tampa, Florida

2010     Cindy Norris, Adult Life Programs, Hickory, North Carolina

2010     Mellissa Wotczak, Ebenezer Ridge Adult Day Services, Burnsville, Minnesota

2009     Gayla Adams, LPN, YMCA Bettye J. McCormick Adult Day Services, Vincennes, Indiana

2009     Mona Washington, Cascade Park Active Day Healthcare Center, Tacoma, Washington

2008     Millicent Hicks, Adult Care of Chester County, Kennett Square, PA

2007     Carolyn Dellinger, Lewinsville Adult Day Health Club, McLean, Virginia

Katryna Gould Award

This award is named in honor of Katryna Gould, who served on the NADSA Board of Directors as a consumer advocate. Katryna was the voice of the family caregiver. She put a name and a face to caregiving for national regulators, legislators, funders and the general public by her testimonials and appearances. She was a determined advocate for Adult Day Services and helped NADSA forge partnerships with other providers and family caregivers. This award was created in 2006 to recognize a consumer of Adult Day Services who, through advocacy efforts, has increased the visibility and recognition of Adult Day Services as a viable community-based long-term care option.

2014     Kenneth A. Smaltz, Jr., Kenneth A Smaltz, Sr. Foundation, Freeport, New York

2012     Gwen Ogle, Valley Care Association, Sewickley, Pennsylvania

2010     Johnsie Barringer, Albemarle, North Carolina

2010     Collin Tong, Seattle, Washington

2008     William Lee Pickette, III, Roanoke Valley Adult Day Center, Weldon, North Carolina

National Media Award

From its inception, NADSA has worked to increase the visibility of Adult Day Services and to promote it as a viable community-based option within the long-term care continuum. This award honors an individual or organization responsible for a print or electronic media product of a distinguished nature that advances the goals of NADSA and is deserving of national recognition.

2013     Joy’s House, Indianapolis, Indiana

2011     Amanda H. Justus, Adult Life Programs, Inc., Hickory, North Carolina

2010      Brock Labrenz, an films, LLC

2009     Carolyn Hill and Thomas Tenkely, The Voices of Adult Day Services

2009     Washington Adult Day Services Association, Adult Day Health Times

2008     Jeff Opdyke, Wall Street Journal

2006     Baltimore Sun

2006     Baltimore County Department of Aging

2003     Wiland-Bell Productions

2003     Peter Ostrow, Dorothy & Peter Brown Jewish Community Adult Day Care Program

2002     Jacqueline Marcell

1999     Contemporary Long Term Care Magazine

1993     KUSM, Montana State University Ross Laboratories

Ruth Von Behren Award

This award is named for Ruth Von Behren, a former NADSA Chair, internationally renowned for her pioneering work in California and throughout the country. Ms. Von Behren is an author, a long-time advisor to NADSA, and she played a major role in the development and implementation of the OnLok replication model, PACE, nationwide. Ruth Von Behren was the first recipient. The award was created in 1992 to recognize the personal achievements and commitment of individuals in the field of Adult Day Services who have had a national impact on Adult Day Services. It is given to an outstanding volunteer or employee of an organization that directly supports adult day services nationally.

2018     Christi Clark, Insight Memory Care Center

2015     Carol A. Burns

2013     Jane Stansell, MSRN

2012     Lory L. Phillippo, MPH, OTR/L

2011     Beth Meyer-Arnold, RN, MSN

2010     Jentle Harts Consulting (LaDonna Jensen, RN, and Marilyn Hartle, MSW)

2008     Diana Brown

2007     Arlene Kershaw, Easter Seals of New Hampshire

2006     Jed Johnson, MBA, MSW

2003     Suzi Kennedy, RN

2002     Lydia Missaelides, MHA

2001     James P. Firman, EdD

2000     Mary Brugger Murphy

1999     Kay Larmer

1998     Adele K. Corvin

1997     Bonnie Walson

1996     Burton V. Reifler, MD, MPH

1995     Vivian S. Smith, PhD

1994     Virginia Marsh Bell

1993     Linda Jardus Crossman

1992     Ruth Von Behren

Senator John Heinz Award

This award is named in honor of the late Senator John Heinz III in tribute to his efforts on behalf of Adult Day Services. Senator Heinz served in the United States Senate from 1977 until his untimely death in 1991. He was the ranking member of the Senate Special Committee on Aging and served on other key committees, exhibiting an outstanding commitment to issues related to aging. The award recognizes a business, private or public organization, or an elected official making an outstanding contribution to the field of Adult Day Services but not directly or indirectly responsible for the operation of an Adult Day Services program.

2018 Senator Shirley Nathan-Pulliam, RN, State of Maryland

2016     Denise Peach, Chief, Community Based Adult Services Branch

2014     Representative Richard S. Malaby, State of Maine

2013    Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal, State of Missouri

2013     The Honorable Glenn F. McConnell, Lt. Governor, State of South Carolina

2011     Representative Jimmie Lee, Elizabethtown, Kentucky

2011     Coretta Bedsole, SC Adult Day Services Association, Columbia, South Carolina

2010     Representative Sherry Appleton, State of Washington

2009     Mary Brooks Soule’ Allen Rodrigue

2009     Secretary John Michael Hall, Pennsylvania Department on Aging

2007     Gayle Harrell, Florida House of Representatives

2006     Senator Gordan Smith

2004     Nancy J. Cox, MSW

2003     Josefina Carbonell

2002     Howard Bedlin

2001     Steven H. Zarit, PhD

2000     Congresswoman Elinor Zimmerman Taylor

1999     Congressman Pete Stark

1998     Linda Colvin Rhodes

1997     Edith Robins

1995     SAFECO Insurance Companies

1994     Margaret T. Morris Foundation

1993     U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs Office of Extended Care

1992     AT&T Family Care Development Fund

Volunteer Award

This award recognizes and celebrates outstanding contributions by a volunteer in your adult day center. The individual demonstrates exceptional commitment and exemplifies the spirit of service for the center. A candidate is an unpaid individual, 21 years of age or above, and has volunteered with the day center for at least two years.

2016    Board of Directors of Caring Congregations, Tuscaloosa, AL

2014     Anatole Crane, Family Alliance, Inc., Woodstock, Illinois

2014     Inez Young, Family Alliance, Inc., Woodstock, Illinois

2013     Betsy Sexton, Page Robbins, Collierville, Tennessee

2012     Pati Bryan, Council on Aging of West Florida, Pensacola, Florida

2011     Lisa Waldron, James L. West Adult Day Program, Fort Worth, Texas

2010     Pat Hagen, Homer Adult Day Services, Homer, Alaska

2010     Beverly Pizzano, Rose Arbor Adult Day Services, Mesa, Arizona

Beth Meyer-Arnold Dissertation Fellowships

2012     Christina Garrison-Diehn, Psychology, University of Nevada, Reno

2012     Amanda Leggett, Human Development and Family Studies, Pennsylvania State University



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