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Exciting Opportunities In ADS Center Franchising
Thursday, May 26, 2022
12:00 pm EST/ 11:00 am CST/ 10:00 am MST/ 9:00 am PST
NADSA Members:  $29
Non-members:  $79

Join Town Square Adult Day Centers, a for profit, innovative Adult Day Care franchise with locations across the US. Town Square®, is an all-new, innovative adult day center for seniors. Resembling a classic, small town from the 1950s, Town Square is an adult enrichment center complete with 12 individual storefronts that offer interactive programming for members in an immersive, nostalgic environment. Our state-of-the-art reminiscence and engagement activities include tangible prompts from the past, which can help to improve mood and sleep quality, and has even been shown to reduce agitation among those with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Town Square was created by

The Glenner Foundation, one of the most reputable research organizations for respite care and Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. George G. Glenner was a physician and Alzheimer’s researcher at the UCSD School of Medicine and worked tirelessly to better understand the pathology of the disease. He became world-renowned for his research and identification of the beta-amyloid protein. This protein is considered the hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease and has allowed researchers to make valuable inroads. While Dr. Glenner’s discoveries and explorations helped to advance our knowledge, the concern for the families affected by Alzheimer’s provided the poignant foundation for our centers.

The Glenners were very concerned with the enormous stress the disease puts on caregivers. They saw the day-to-day struggles of families desperate for help. Town Square offers the opportunity to invest in an industry with a growing need and unlimited income potential. By becoming a part of the Town Square family, you can build a successful, highly-scalable, year-round business with recurring revenue. Town Square is cash based and most or our centers do not accept Medicaid. On this webinar, you will learn the benefits of franchising, how we walk the owners through licensing, sales and marketing training and enrollment, construction, and provide day to day support in operations.

About the Presenters: Brittany Blackman joined the Town Square team in 2021 as the Director of Franchise Development after successfully selling franchises for brands including Handyman Connection and FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers. She works closely with franchise candidates to guide them through the Discovery and Orientation process of becoming a new owner.

Lynsey R. Geraghty is the Training and Programs Manager for Town Square Franchising. She has over 10 years’ experience working with seniors in Assisted Living and Adult Day Care Operations management.  She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management from Endicott College. Lynsey has a passion for creating unforgettable moments with seniors and encouraging staff to do the same. She provides team members the tools to make each moment with our members spend with us happy, fun, and exciting. Colleagues describe Lynsey as full of energy and willing to offer support whenever needed.

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What’s Language Got To Do With It?
Wednesday, June 22, 2022
1:00 pm EST/ 12:00 noon CST/ 11:00 am MST/ 10:00 am PST
NADSA Members:  $79
Non-members:  $149

This two-part workshop will focus on both the importance of words, their origin and most important, their impact on the participants served in your ADS center.

Session 1: Our words have the power to uplift people, but they also can tear them down. Sometimes without us even realizing it. Language is a window into how we perceive and ultimately interact with the people who use our services. By become more aware of our language, and intentionally focusing on personalizing our language, we can ensure that our word choices empower those we serve. This presentation will provide both an understanding of how language influences and is influenced by our behavior, as well as practical strategies to better personalize your own language.

Session 2: We didn’t get here on our own. Language is an ever-changing method of communication that evolves within the systems and people who use it. Now, through a historical lens, we are aware of the harmful and dehumanizing impact the medical model has had on people with disabilities. Unfortunately, some of the language of this model continues to permeate the work we do. This presentation intends to examine this history, the impact it has had on the lives of those we serve, and how we can strive as a community to change our language.

Learning Objectives:

Objective 1: Attendees will deepen their understanding of how the language in our services evolves, and the impact this has on the lives of the people we serve.
Objective 2: Attendees will learn strategies to become more self-aware of our word choices, and how to incorporate more empowering person-centered language in the services we provide.
Objective 3: Attendees will leave with practical ideas that can be adapted and implemented within any team and/or service.

About the presenter: Amber Carey-Navarrete, Director of Person-Centered Services, has demonstrated a person-centered approach to her work with Easterseals Southern California for 20 years.  Amber is considered the resident expert of person-centered services across all of the Easterseals Southern California’s Adult Day Services.  She has been tasked with leading the agency’s strategic priority of enhancing existing person-centered practices as well as implementing new person-centered practices throughout all Adult Day Services in the organization.  She has authored a manual on Person-Centered Culture and Practices, and leads a department in facilitating this approach. Presently, Amber is the lead agent for Easterseals on a statewide Disability Thrive Initiative in California. Funded by the Department of Developmental Services and San Diego Regional Center, the DTI was created to assist the stakeholder community with alternative services during the pandemic through the calendar year 2021.



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