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Alzheimer’s Disease Caregiver Supports and Best Practices
4:00 pm EDT/3:00 pm CDT/2:00 pm MDT/1:00 pm PDT
Tuesday, October 30, 2018
NADSA Members: $25
Non-members: $49

Join us for a dynamic, information-packed webinar series focused on key Alzheimer’s disease-related issues. This four-part webinar series is brought to you by NADSA in collaboration with Easterseals and with support from Eli Lilly.  The webinar series will run October 2018-January 2019 featuring esteemed content experts in the field.

This webinar, the first in the series, will focus on Alzheimer’s disease and caregiving. Highly respected presenters Salli Bollin, MSW, LSW, Holly Dabelko-Shoeny PhD, and Keith Anderson, PhD, MSW are experts in both adult day services and Alzheimer’s caregiver interventions. They will begin with a basic overview of Alzheimer’s disease and related caregiving issues and discuss best practices, care techniques and self-care for caregivers. Attendees will also learn about other interventions, supports and resources for caregivers.

About the speakers:  Salli Bollin, MSW, LSW, is the Executive Director at MemoryLane Care Services (Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Services of Northwestern Ohio). Holly Dabelko-Schoeny, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the College of Social Work at The Ohio University. Keith A. Anderson, PhD, MSW, is the Director, Montana Geriatric Education Center (MTGEC) in the School of Social Work at the University of Montana.


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From Regulations to Application, Strategies for a Successful Adult Day Program Start
3:00 pm EST/ 2:00 pm CST/ 1:00 pm MST/12:00 pm PST
Wednesday, November 14, 2018
NADSA Members:  $99
Non-members:  $149

Interested in opening an ADS center, but don’t know where to start, stumped at the application process wondering if your center will be a success and how it could be funded?  This is the place to start.  In this session, we will discuss the importance of demographics and how to check these, as well as the type of client you choose to serve, based on demographics and community need. We will discuss who to contact to complete the application, the difference between licensing and certification, and which one(s) you may need to build the center of your dreams.  We will discuss a basic day at an Adult Day Center, both a health and a social model. We will discuss regulations, where to find them and how to ensure your center is compliant from the very start.  We’ll discuss marketing opportunities and the need to diversify your funding sources.  There will be a question and answer period provided.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Attendees will understand the difference between licensure and certification and where to check to see if their state and program requires one, both or neither.
  2. Attendees will understand how to check area demographics and will be introduced to the Weiler Model to determine how many in that demographic are likely to choose ADS.
  3. Attendees will understand the options for ADS funding that would be anticipated during the formation and licensing/certification of the entity.
  4. Attendees will learn the importance of understanding their state and federal regulations that pertain to them, and how to find them.
  5. Attendees will learn about the application process required for most states to open a center.

About the Speaker:  Amanda Graham Sillars, MSW, LCSW has over twenty-five years’ experience in the geriatric medical field and has worked exclusively for the last twenty years in Adult Day Services as an advocate, consultant and writer. Her books and consulting services have helped over 500 centers, nationally and internationally open and run more efficiently and successfully.  She is the founder of the largest Adult Day Services consulting firm and product line company in the country, Total ADHC Solutions. She is passionate about Adult Day Services and the benefits it provides to those it serves, as well as the center owners and the community in which it exists.



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