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Utilizing Hybrid Technology to Re-open and Grow Your ADS Center Revenue
Wednesday, April 21, 2021
1:00 pm EDT/ 12:00 noon CDT / 1:00 am MDT / 10:00 am PDT
NADSA Members:  $49
Non-members:  $149

Virtual Adult Day services has shown great promise in retaining membership and bringing cost-effective ADS operations to centers that are confronting staff shortage and closure. As re-opening is on the horizon in many states, centers are facing the irony that members will not return to the center 100%. The legacy of the pandemic for a hybrid model of “Virtual + Physical” deliveries is here to stay.

HealthJay, a NADSA Strategic Partner, is partnering with NADSA to offer the “Hybrid ToolBox” that supports virtual programming, virtual and physical attendance check-in, integrated activity scheduling and enrollment, and electronic validation of remote services.

Objectives of this session include:

  • Overview of “why this is important.” HealthJay’s founders and center executives will talk about why Hybrid ADS is a demonstration of value-based services and how hybrid technology will benefit Adult Day centers.
  • Highlight how Hybrid ADS sets the stage for Person-Centered Care that Adult Day stakeholders (CMS, MCOs and various Payers) use as a benchmark for reimbursement
  • Answer: ‘What’s in it?” for providers and the Adult Day Service Sector. How will the Hybrid ToolBox be a “Revenue Generator” instead of “Another Tech” that costs money.
  • Explanation of how Hybrid models, by using data collection, is the pathway for real revenue growth and membership sustainability after many immediate fixes of using virtual programming during the pandemic.
  • Operationalize a dual model of Adult Day service delivery by having a data collection and management platform.
  • Learn about the Hybrid Checklist that ADS center executives should know as we plan for re-opening.

About the presenter:

Rosita Wong is the Co-Founder and CEO of HealthJay Inc. HealthJay brings Hybrid Solutions to non-tech-savvy clients and the care workforce with its “Zero-Barrier” Suite of Apps. The company’s integrated solutions have been adopted by organizations in the Adult Day, Home Health, and Senior Living communities. Schedule a demo with HealthJay at www.healthjay.com.

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New Opportunities and New Dangers for Adult Day
Wednesday, May 5, 2021
1:00 pm EDT/ 12:00 noon CDT / 1:00 am MDT / 10:00 am PDT
NADSA Members:  $49
Non-members:  $99

New opportunities arise with every change of Presidential administration and congressional leadership. They are tucked in among the massive confusion of personnel changes, new policy initiatives, executive orders, and media briefings. Join NADSA’s Public Policy Advisor Roy Afflerbach as he unpacks some of the changes that can provide opportunities and some of the dangers for adult day with a dive into Congressional reorganization, the American Recovery Act, the American Jobs Act, and initiatives undertaken by organizations with which NADSA collaborates or competes.

About the presenter: Sen. Roy Afflerbach is a retired Pennsylvania State Senator and CEO of The Afflerbach Group, LLC. He has five decades of public policy experience. Senator Afflerbach serves as NADSA’s public policy advisor and represents NADSA on several national age-related organizations. In the Pennsylvania Senate, he served as Democratic Chairman of the Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure Committee, the Banking and Insurance Committee, and the Local Government Committee.



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